Rated Church Venues

Our wedding planners have researched the best church wedding venues to offer brides and grooms versatile choices in church venue for their wedding day.  We have had a great deal of enjoyment in finding the best in Nottinghamshire chapels and churches that offer a variety of denominations and settings, including Catholic, Eastern Orthodoxy, Protestantism, Oriental Orthodoxy, Nontrinitarians, Interdenominational, Esoteric Christianity, etc.

Many of our church wedding venues offer brides and grooms the option to create their own wedding vows and uniqueness such as decorating the church or chapel.  We urge couples that are interested in one of the venues, to contact the church well in advance to reserve their wedding date and time, as well as officiant.  Most churches will require a 50 percent deposit in advance.

Many of the venues we have selected also have on-site wedding coordinators that can be a wonderful asset to a couple, helping them with details such as their wedding planning, cake, flowers, etc.  Many also offer pre-marital counseling, which is a wonderful idea for all couples.

Please browse our site as it has been designed for couples to find their ideal church wedding venues in Nottinghamshire that are exactly what you dream of.  We have selected venues that for different capacity size, architecture magnificence and services.

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